We are a company firmly committed to protecting our planet and improving the lives of its inhabitants.
We design high value-added Earth observation solutions to address current and future environmental and economic challenges. Thanks to our expertise in Information and geo-intelligence, we assess the integrity of our regions and understand the flows that affect their development and that of their population. 

Our agile, creative approach, combined with our culture of innovation and duality, puts us in a position to offer comprehensive solutions and services. We work closely with our customers in three fields of activity: project management, through-life support and value-added services. As a meta-operator, we have the ability to combine different sources, technologies and suppliers, always staying true to our motto "Simplicity is the complexity you can't see".

Our expertise in the fields of space and digital technology mean we are able to effectively use the data generated by the new space revolution. We develop solutions that perfectly address the needs and technological maturity of our users, putting space within everyone's reach.

Controlling the entire value chain

Because we are committed to providing a high-quality, top-performance service, we support our customers from start to finish, from collection to delivery.

  • Acquisition
  • Operation/Use
  • Delivery

Our markets

As producing enough food to feed the planet becomes critical, it is essential to adopt sustainable practices that protect both our planet and our health. From space, we can provide profitable support to improve crop management.

Maritime Domain Awareness is essential for dealing with threats, illegal activities (such as piracy, illegal fishing and smuggling) and protection of critical infrastructure at sea (including offshore platforms and submarine cables).

To monitor key areas and activities, reduce armed forces' vulnerability to attack, respond to critical events and anticipate threats, Telespazio offers a portfolio of high value-added services providing fast, detailed and immediately understandable information services.

Satellite data

Our imagery offer

Given the huge amount of commercial data currently available on the satellite imagery market, and its role as expert in the field of space and satellite operations for major customers, Telespazio France has forged a reputation as a key player, capable of assisting and guiding customers towards the most appropriate choice of data.

Access to an archive search platform, order management and scheduling of new acquisitions.

Access to a catalogue of tried-and-tested data from a host of different suppliers, thanks to partnerships managed and negotiated by the Telespazio group and its subsidiary e-GEOS.

Support from our teams, which keep constantly up to date will all the latest developments in terms of space technology and GIS applications.

Value-added image processing services to transform raw data into information adapted to different needs.

Radar constellations

Radar satellites carrying synthetic aperture radar (SAR) orbit the Earth and use an active SAR sensor to collect data during the day and night, regardless of cloud cover.

  • COSMO-SkyMed

Optical constellations

Optical constellations use passive sensors to capture images comprising several spectral bands, capable of providing detailed space information. However, the images they take during the day are affected by poor weather conditions. 

  • BlackSky
  • SuperView

New technologies and fields of expertise



Drones are synonymous with innovation, new services, new business models and economic growth.
Telespazio has invested in this field with the goal of developing new, innovative solutions, in areas where this vehicle is an extremely useful complement to satellites.



By using innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine/Deep Learning techniques to process massive levels of data traffic, especially satellite imagery, Telespazio is a trailblazing developer of optimized, responsible space applications.



SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) interferometry is a remote sensing technique for measurung ground and infrastructure movements with millimetric accuracy over large surface areas.

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