Context and challenges

Given the growing pressure on maritime areas and resources, and rising geopolitical tensions, controlling maritime areas is of increasing strategic importance. Maritime authorities face a host of challenges:

Our solutions and services are designed to incorporate our customers' operational concept. Those concepts may be linked to naval combat (Defence), law enforcement operations at sea (Government action at sea) and protection of the marine environment (management of protected marine zones, etc.).
The benefit of space data as a way of reinforcing "knowledge and anticipation" is now universally acknowledged, and our portfolio of solutions meets the following needs:

- Knowledge of the maritime situation;
- Support for scheduling and operations;
- Human and material resources planning;
- Decision-making support;

Our solutions

GEOINT services

The maritime surveillance services offered by Telespazio France aim to consolidate the operations at sea deployed by national maritime authorities worldwide, by boosting situational awareness and providing essential, reliable maritime information to help them prepare operations and carry out regular monitoring of identified high-risk areas.



SEonSE (Smart Eyes on the Seas) is a secure modular platform for maritime surveillance.  It provides knowledge that boosts maritime situational awareness, by aggregating multi-source data in real time, especially satellite data, enabling units to anticipate and prevent threats and improve understanding and decision making.

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