Ground Systems

Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired over the years in many missions for Institutional and commercial customers, Telespazio offers end-to-end customized solutions for both large and complex satellite systems and smaller constellations.

Whether we are talking about control centres, flight dynamics, user segment, or infrastructure systems, Telespazio provides a tailored service to the actual requirements of the end user, developing and integrating all the different subsystems that make up a ground segment.

The final product is a user-friendly, streamlined system easy to implement, manage and evolve.

Leveraging on a wide variety of solutions and on the EASE product suite, Telespazio is the ideal ground segment partner both for high profile Institutional missions, and for start-ups and New Space companies, which require a more service-oriented approach.

Control segment

Control segment

  • Satellite Control Centre (SCC)

  • Mission Planning System (MPS) for EO missions

  • Flight Dynamics System (FDS)

User Segment

User Segment

  • Data processing infrastructures
  • Catalogue and data archive
  • Service platform for users
  • Mission feasibility system
  • Monitoring and controlling systems for user services
Ground & Teleports infrastructures

Ground & Teleports infrastructures

  • Antennas systems

  • Networking & security systems

  • Tracking, Telemetry & Control (TT&C) systems

  • Hosting services

Support services at Customer premises

Support services at Customer premises

Our capabilities

Control segment

 – Mission Control Centre (MCC)

 – Mission Planning System (MPS)

 – Management of satellites in LEO, MEO and GEO orbit

 – Flight Dynamics Systems

 – Simulation of satellite behaviour during assembly, integration and testing (AIT)

User Segment

 – Data processing infrastructures

 – Catalogue and Data Archive

 – Service platform for users

 – Mission feasibility system

 – Monitoring and controlling systems for user services

TT&C Systems (Tracking, Telemetry & Control)

Design and integration of:

 – Antenna systems

 – RF equipment

 – TT&C (Tracking, Telemetry & Control) systems for satellite monitoring and control

 – Systems for monitoring and data uploading/ downloading from payload

Engineering Support

 – Flight dynamics

 – Astronaut Training

 – Management of the payload of scientific experiments

 – Monitoring of satellite image quality


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