As a key player in space infrastructure operations for more than 30 years, and with a staff today of more than 435 experts, Telespazio France supplies value-added satellite-based services and applications covering all of the key domains of space, from telecommunications and Earth observation to navigation.

Space is a key enabler of technological and human progress for protecting the planet and its inhabitants, and that's why we truly believe that a simple link between Humans and Space is essential to our life on Earth.

Our impressive history, plus the duality of our military and civil markets and our overall expertise, put us in the role of meta-operator in the field of space services.
Our European dimension and the agility of our human-sized structure give us the market power of two European leaders.

With the goal of putting current and future space services accessible to everyone, through an open approach known as 'Space On Demand,' in a rapidly changing market we identify key skills and set up first-rate partnerships to offer our customers the very best solution.

We will succeed in simplifying the link by facilitating:

 access to Space through innovation;
 access to space infrastructure, through the development of new services;
 use of space, building on the opportunities arising from new technology.

Using technological progress to benefit Humans is Telespazio's responsibility and core purpose.

Our convictions

We act according to our founding values.
Our commitment, closeness,  custom approach and agility are all geared to guarantee customer satisfaction which is the focus of our strategy and the solutions we develop.

We have faith in Humans and diversity, we believe in technology and talent development.

Our history

Founded in 1961, Telespazio was one of the very first players in the space conquest. The live broadcast of Man's first steps on the moon in 1969, and the first Ariane launch in 1979, perfectly illustrate Telespazio's confidence in technology.
Nearly six decades of research, innovation, technological breakthroughs and space exploration have forged our strong conviction that space should be within everyone's reach.

Bringing together two global leaders in the space industry - Leonardo and Thales - the Telespazio Group is where the entire DNA of "made in Europe" space expertise is found.



Now the European leader in value-added satellite-based space services, Telespazio France, the Group's French subsidiary, is present on the major space markets: telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation, satellite operations, etc.
And because we have joined forces with Thales Alenia Space to form the Space Alliance, we also have the full space value chain covered

Key dates

Telespazio is part of a long line of trailblazing manufacturing companies that have strived to offer the world a new dimension. The Group's history is marked by game-changing progress and technological breakthroughs that have shaped the history of space for everyone's benefit.