Telespazio France is the historic partner of the French space agency CNES and launch operator Arianespace in mainland France and French Guiana, operating their ground infrastructures and satellites.

Our operations teams have been working at Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, for more than 30 years, having today more than 150 experts attached to our French Guiana facility maintaining and operating its ground infrastructures and support equipment.

From launch support to orbital positioning, Telespazio France is tasked with operating the tracking, telemetry and control systems for the Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega launchers. Telespazio France is also in charge of operating all of the spaceport’s telecommunications systems.

With a 150-strong team on site, Telespazio France is the Kourou launch base’s premier industry partner.]

In Toulouse, Telespazio France operates and maintains CNES’s network of ground stations and performs MCO and mission operations for the vast majority of its satellites, assuring a high level of service. Our teams have been working with the experts at the Toulouse Space Centre since 1988 to help them accomplish their telecommunications, Earth-observation and science missions, contributing notably to the success of flagship missions such as ATV resupply flights to the International Space Station or the ChemCham instrument on the Curiosity Mars rover.

As the number one industry partner of ESSP (European Satellite Service Provider), the European company in charge of operating EGNOS, the precursor to Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system, Telespazio France is tasked with maintaining and sustaining the signal reception and processing equipment at some 50 ground stations around the globe.

Telespazio France is also, most often working alongside Thales Alenia Space, the operator of trust for the French defence community, for which our operators control several telecommunications satellites in Maisons-Laffitte and sustain the associated anchorage systems, as well as operating the user terminal for radar Earth-observation missions in Creil.

To cope with market demand and be ready for new digital capabilities, Telespazio France is able to draw on its expertise and a library of tried-and-tested solutions.

Telespazio France develops unmatched professional visualization, simulation and supervision software solutions for the aerospace and defence markets

Built around innovative software applications supporting mobile platforms and developed from user requirements using agile engineering methods, these turnkey, customizable solutions are designed for complex environments and situations where security and reliability are paramount.

Telespazio France is one of the few market players able to conduct end-to-end development of 3D simulators of orbital satellites and subsystems, and for maintenance training (like, for example, the virtual maintenance tool developed for the NH90 helicopter on behalf of NAHEMA, the NAto HElicopter Management Agency).

Telespazio France uses this software expertise and the experience it has acquired from the GPS, EGNOS and Galileo satellite navigation systems to develop and operate dedicated platforms for businesses and government that deliver high levels of precision and availability.