Satellite Communications

Our activities

To meet commercial and government customers’ needs, the LoB relies on a comprehensive catalog of Satcom and LTE solutions: its goal is to design, deploy, install and maintain telecommunications services including a space component.

  • Services engineering: Choice of satellite and network technologies and definition of technical architectures that best meet customer needs
  • Systems installation: Purchase / Booking of satellite resources and anchor stations, installation of anchoring equipment and interconnection to customer networks
  • Stations deployment and maintenance: Purchase / Rental of equipment for deployed stations, integration, installation and maintenance on site / porteur (carrier ?)
  • Networks operation and maintenance: Supervision of deployed systems, maintenance and troubleshooting of SLAs, maintenance in operational and safety conditions


Main projects / clients / partners

  • On the commercial market:
    • Stime / Intermarché: Emergency satellite network on 3,600 sites in France, Belgium, Poland and Portugal on logistics bases and points of sale
    • Engie: Main and/or backup satellite network for 50 sites operating remote management of solar panels parks
    • Veolia: Securing critical sites
  • On the government market:
    • DIRISI / TELECOMSAT: MCO of naval stations and overseas teleports
    • DIRISI / ASTEL S4: Supply of abilities and services to FSS and MILSATCOM
    • WIFIRST: Deployment and maintenance of the “welfare” VSAT network in Mali, Chad, Niger and CAR for satellite connectivity of voice and Internet “welfare” apps
    • ATHONET / PCSTORM: Deployable LTE Tactical Bubbles for the French Ministry of the Interior intervention forces
    • SYRACUSE 4 / Valorisation: excess of military bandwidth trading
    • CNES / NLT: Creation of a new data exchange network with 4 hubs and 11 international stations
    • TPZV-DE / Armasuisse: Supply of space capacity for the Swiss Air Force’s drones

Where are the teams based?

The Satcom teams are based on two sites in Paris (Montparnasse district), the Engineering team is located in Toulouse.