Agriculture has to cope with game-changing challenges linked to global warming, requiring ongoing changes and sustainable practices that work with rather than against the environment. In order to address those challenges, Telespazio France offers precision solutions alongside stakeholders from the agricultural sector and agricultural distributors. Those solutions aim to help farmers optimize their practices through the use of decision-making tools, to promote sustainable, resilient processes.

As a pioneering developer of datura detection using drones, Telespazio France offers weed control solutions. This is an area of great concern in many agricultural sectors: yield losses, lower quality, contaminations, industrial risks with batch recalls and loss of consumer confidence. 

In response to our customers' needs, our services are based on three key phases:


Image acquisition (satellite data, drone images, Open Source, external images, etc.).


Processing using Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Script.


Web portal, mobile app, PDF, Customer API.

Our solutions



Detect and geolocate targeted weeds that are particularly harmful to your crops, for effective, long-term management.


Characterize the overall weed cover of your spring and vegetable crops, for localized application of weed killer.



Detect and geolocate foreign bodies (plant waste and debris) among your leafy vegetable crops.



Combining geoinformation, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to address the diverse needs of the agricultural sector, to guarantee ongoing crop monitoring and assessment.

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