Defence and intelligence

Context and challenges

The diversity of threats means a combination of multiple sensors is required in order to provide useful information at the right time. Telespazio France has developed a portfolio of land-based services based on a diversified satellite offer combined with heterogeneous data and human expertise. Those skills mean we not only detect but are able to locate, identify and act in record time and in any place.

Our solutions


 Telespazio France Defence services provide support during the planning and operations phase for the benefit of the armed forces, as they carry out their tactical, operative and strategic activities.


GEOINT services

GEOINT value-added products and services are a multi-source military and environmental intelligence solution providing essential, reliable information for the preparation of operations and regular monitoring of identified high-risk areas. Our services focus on operations, crisis prevention as backup for current and future operations, and offer insight to help political and military leaders make well-informed decisions.



Telespazio offers training in geospatial intelligence and image intelligence, delivered by a team of experienced interpreters/analysts (former image interpreters for the French Ministry of Defence) with solid experience of  IMINT/GEOINT.
Our training modules are aimed at learners with or without advanced knowledge of image interpretation, in both the military and naval sectors.They are compatible with the NATO references (STANAG 3596).

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