Telespazio and ATOS supports farmers in their fight against invasive Datura planet via Mundi Platform

06 July 2020
Deep learning on drone and satellite images detects plots infected by the poisonous plant

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, is extending the ecosystem of services offered by its satellite data platform Mundi Web Services by integrating Telespazio France's GeoAdventice application in order to respond to a major challenge for farmers, namely the expansion of datura, a toxic plant that grows across many crops

Datura, a plant of South American origin, contaminates corn and green beans, making them unfit for consumption. In order to help cooperatives, seed companies and agribusinesses locate the datura among their crops, the GeoAdventice solution created by Telespazio France uses the resources of the Atos Mundi platform for deep learning to process tens of thousands of images taken by drone. 24 hours after a drone has flown over the crops, the mapped results are sent and presented to the farmer on a mobile application. With this information, farmers can adapt their harvesting strategy and intervene in infested areas, avoiding the downgrading of all or part of the crop on the plot.

In the long term, Telespazio France and Atos plan to extend their cooperation to manage the problem of grassing in agricultural plots more globally through the processing of drone, aerial and satellite images.

All data is processed using the computing capabilities of the Mundi Web Services cloud platform. This Earth observation platform, managed by Atos on behalf of the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA), enables third parties (industrial players, institutions such as national space agencies, SMEs and start-ups) to create innovative commercial services based on ESA satellite data. Atos and its partners design and market these new services. With this new project, the consortium has participated in the large-scale industrialization of GeoAdventice.

"We continue to expand our Mundi platform with new solutions for the Agriculture of the future. Our partnership with Telespazio and the provision of GeoAdventice enables farmers to optimize the profitability and quality of their crops - which represents real societal added value and addresses one of the challenges associated with sustainable food production." said Stéphane Janichewski, Aerospace Market Director at Atos.

"GeoAdventice is already being used on more than 8000 hectares and is helping Nataïs, Europe's leading popcorn producer, to monitor its harvests. Our partnership with Atos and access to ESA data and the IT resources of the Mundi platform allow us to increase our visibility and access new development opportunities." adds Lilian Valette, Head of Geoinformation Environment Services, located in Bordeaux at Telespazio France.

Operational on all types of crops, GeoAdventice is the effective and indispensable means of control for the management of your weeds. A proven service since 2016, with several tens of thousands of hectares surveyed and carefully analysed, with ever more satisfied customers, like the European popcorn leader Nataïs, GeoAdventice is an innovative geolocation service for datura in crops.