Space technology serving protection of human life!

07 August 2020

Telespazio France leads a number of initiatives related to satellite warning and distress systems (Cospas-Sarsat, SAR/Galileo and EWS/Galileo) and collaborates closely with European emergency services.

Together with EENA and European Institutions, Telespazio France supports the development of innovative solutions for European citizens’ safety:

  • Deployment of AML (Advanced Mobile Location)  in Europe with European Commission HELP112 project;
  • Development of a system for monitoring the health of workers, which includes an emergency communication functionality based on PEMEA standards, with European Commission Horizon 2020 WorkingAge project;
  • Galileo-based Emergency Warning Service proof of concept, with EC GRALLE project.

Beyond these initiatives, Telespazio France staff also manage the maintenance in Cospas-Sarsat French Mission Control Centre, SAR/Galileo Service Centre and support the operations and maintenance of the SAR/Galileo Service Centre with CNES.

Today, more than ever, Telespazio France is a true innovator, transforming what were once just possibilities into real services available to an increasingly wide audience worldwide.

All of these efforts, all of these resources and all of these successes are enabling us to pursue our actions for the benefit of Europe’s and the world’s citizens, and helping to accomplish the noble mission of saving lives.