Together, Let's be United

19 May 2020

Many organisations are in need of funds more than ever in this fight against COVID-19. This is why, during the lockdown, Telespazio France launched an appeal to all of its employees to collect donations for three solidarity organisations, in France and abroad: Plan International, Fondation de France and Vision du World.

In solidarity with its employees, the management of Telespazio France wanted to match 100% of the donations collected: €1 paid by an employee = €1 paid by Telespazio France.

Carried out during confinement, this operation raised a total of €6,450 which will soon be donated to these three organisations:

Plan International is an international solidarity organization that works to advance children's rights and equality between girls and boys through programs for access to quality education and vocational training. Created over 80 years ago, Plan International is currently leading nearly 2,000 projects in 75 countries in development and emergency contexts. 

The Fondation de France is the leading philanthropy network in France. It brings together founders, donors, volunteer experts, employees and thousands of associations, all committed and driven by the will to act. 

Vision du Monde, the first child sponsorship association in the world. Its goal is to help the most vulnerable children grow up well. Provide them with good nutrition and appropriate medical care, fight against infant and maternal mortality, provide quality education, and protect children from abuse and violence. 

Solidarity is an essential value at Telespazio France and all of its employees hope that these donations will enable these organizations to strengthen the assistance provided to the most disadvantaged, more than necessary in this period of pandemic.