Locate and master datura in your crops

Datura is a very competitive plant that harms all the players of the agricultural sector: farmers, agricultural cooperatives, seed companies, agro-industrial companies, mass distribution. All are now facing this weed which has the particularity of being hyper toxic and which spreads throughout the French territory. A lot of countries are affected by this real scourge and France is no exception. Global warming reinforces the progress of the so-called "devil‘s trumpet”.

Competition with crops, yield losses, contamination and batch recalls, intoxication… Datura is a threat to agriculture, the environment and human and animal health. To treat datura, you first have to spot it!


Why detect datura?




A simple, accurate and fast decision-tool


Operational on all types of crops, GeoAdventice is the effective and indispensable means of control for the management of your weeds. A proven service since 2016, with several tens of thousands of hectares surveyed and carefully analysed, with ever more satisfied customers, like the European popcorn leader Nataïs, GeoAdventice is an innovative geolocation service for datura in crops.


How does it work?


1. One single drone overflight on your plots.

2. Analysis of the images acquired thanks to Artificial Intelligence and control by our experts.

3. Map of areas with datura presence, available on mobile application, maximum 3 days after the UAV overflight. This map allows farmers to go directly to the field to remove the identified daturas and thus guarantee the quality of their crops.




  1. Optimize the profitability and quality of your harvests.
  2. Respect your customers' specifications.


Building together a safer and more rational agriculture


During the 2020 season, TELESPAZIO France deployed 10 UAVs to fly over nearly 10,000 ha of crops (all maize, green beans, buckwheat, quinoa, sorghum, sunflower, artichoke...) as to detect and geolocate the datura plants, either early in the crop (young stage), or 2 or 3 weeks before harvest (late detection).

The historical collaboration with Nataïs has allowed to fly over more than 7.000 ha of popcorn corn during this summer and should continue for the next season 2021.


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