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Small firms & smes

Highly tailored space solutions

Telespazio France offers telecoms solutions suited to every business, including for small firms and SMEs. And for SMEs, a reliable, permanent and flexible network is an absolute necessity.

Telecoms solutions

Excellence in satellite telecommunications serving small firms and SMEs

Broadband Internet connectivity is a key issue for small firms and SMEs.

Telespazio’s AIRLINK service offers an effective, lightweight, flexible and competitive way to access broadband wherever you are, including in areas not well covered by terrestrial or mobile networks.

AIRLINK provides 24/7 connectivity all over Europe, allying flexible costs and performance. AIRLINK ideally complements terrestrial solutions anywhere, interconnecting small firms’ and SMEs’ sites with the Internet.

AIRLINK offers incomparable performance flexibility and the ability to handle the number and position of sites on the fly. An AIRLINK receiving station is up and running in hours, thus guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity when moving to a new site or for mobile or temporary sites.

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