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Meeting the strategic needs of the retail sector

For big retail brands, the ability to transmit data such as prices, special offers, loyalty schemes and so forth simultaneously and without interruption to all points of sale and logistics bases is crucial to business success.

It’s vital to have a connection that can be relied on at all stores, production and distribution facilities—and this is where a satellite solution proves best, overcoming the limits of solely terrestrial networks.

Telespazio France deploys and integrates tailored telecoms networks for its retail clients, with the appropriate level of security and systems optimized by terrestrial links and the right number of satellites and teleports.

Assuring connectivity

Telespazio France has developed turnkey solutions built around mature VSAT technologies that enable retailers and industrial facilities alike to share vast amounts of data securely and simultaneously across their network, including between remote sites and in hostile environments.

Satellite solutions offer a fast and reliable response to retail challenges:

  • Need for back-up satellite networks
  • Internet access in underserved areas
  • Telesurveillance
  • File distribution

Telespazio France’s mature, end-to-end connectivity solutions are geared towards the broad retail sector, from supermarkets and hypermarkets to specialist brands and franchises. Offering a high degree of reliability through their ability to afford tailored levels of security, these solutions are easily installed, requiring no more than a satellite dish.

Satellite technology and land-based expertise are the winning combination for geographically diverse large retail networks.

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