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Our solutions for ministries and local government

Environment, natural resources, agriculture and forestry

National, regional and local governments face a range of issues dictated by the very nature of what they do. These include managing natural resources and our environmental heritage, and preserving citizens’ quality of life.

As an expert in innovative satellite-based solutions, Telespazio France delivers high-added-value geoinformation services designed to help preserve the planet and its populations.

Such services are of benefit for example to:

  • map forest health
  • gauge quality of coastal waters and compile bathymetric charts
  • monitor maritime zones (for pollution, illegal fishing, etc.)
  • manage forestry activities in tropical regions

Telespazio France is putting satellites to work for Earth, bringing ministries and local government effective, sustainable and economical eco-friendly solutions.

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Transport and infrastructures

In today’s increasingly connected world, cities will soon be able to analyse, rank and redistribute the wealth of data they collect for the benefit of populations. Managing road traffic flows and intermodal transport, curbing greenhouse gas emissions and locating people in distress are just some of the things that local governments are looking to deal with.

This means they need a continuous, long-term service they can rely on. With its partner Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio France is a leading player in satellite navigation and is investing to bring uninterrupted location-based services to our streets.

Key figures:

  • By 2020, the smart city market is expected to be worth $147.5 billion
  • In France, 20 local boroughs, cities and greater urban communities are already developing smart services
  • According to the OECD, 80% of carbon dioxide is being emitted by cities that cover just 2% of the surface of the globe
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With more than 3 billion Internet users around the globe, the volume of digital data to be handled is growing by the day. Being able to connect to the Internet and to corporate networks is now a necessity for businesses, governments and citizens alike.

Thanks to its expertise and service platforms, Telespazio France develops and operates satellite-based telecommunications solutions to take the digital revolution to previously underserved regions.

Key figures:

  • 144 billion e-mails sent around the globe every day
  • 3.2 billion Internet users in the world in 2015
  • Up 566% since the year 2000

Marine and coastal ecosystem

Covering two-thirds of the globe, seas and oceans are by nature more complex to survey, posing key environmental challenges such as detecting pollution, overfishing and illegal fishing, developing shipping traffic and keeping track of coastal erosion, and supporting efforts to combat pollution of bathing waters and mitigate damage to sea defences. At the same time, increased human activities mean this ecosystem needs to be monitored more closely.

Our teams offer a 24/7 service for monitoring maritime activities. Our expert analysts task satellites in response to our customers’ requests and then interpret the collected imagery to deliver very precise reports within hours.

The service is assured through a Web interface allowing end-users to specify tasking requirements and display results in a few clicks.

Telespazio France is delivering this service in partnership with Airbus Defence & Space to French Navy commanders operating in France’s overseas ocean territories, helping them to conduct surveillance of its Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ).

For coastal zones, Telespazio brings local governments, boroughs, insurers, major ports and companies operating in the ports sector the benefits of digital technologies combined with satellite or UAV images to more closely survey these zones of great economic value.

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