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Innovation heritage and culture

Innovation driving space applications

Today’s evolving digital society is increasingly reliant on acquisition, transmission and management of data. With the volume of stored data doubling every two years, it’s estimated that the total storage mass will have reached 44,000 billion billion bytes by 2020. This growing use of data, including those from a range of satellite sources, holds out great prospects for growth in the space sector.

It also offers development opportunities across all sectors of activity.


Innovation serving society

Whether for optimizing inputs for farming, developing revolutionary mobility solutions or opening up territories, Telespazio France is constantly seeking to innovate, pulling out all the stops to create new and innovative services matched to market needs. We are giving businesses of all sizes in all sectors the chance to adopt new solutions using space applications.

Telespazio France offers businesses the tools, training and support they need, offering an infinite range of possibilities spanning connectivity, security, environmental monitoring and navigation solutions.

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