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Supporting regular French military missions and out-of-area operations

Telespazio France has built a reputation for excellence operating complex satellite systems and maintaining numerous French military infrastructures such as Syracuse, Athena-Fidus, SICRAL 2 and soon Syracuse 4.

Telespazio France provides through-life support for the satellite communications systems on French naval vessels and at land teleports in metropolitan France and overseas territories.

Telespazio France has also developed a dedicated secure geoinformation portal supporting maritime surveillance operations for the French Navy.

As a key player in France’s military Intelligence Campus, Telespazio delivers advanced image processing services and training in the fields of IMINT and GEOINT.

Henri de Foucauld

“Telespazio France is today a key defence player. Besides simply supplying services, Telespazio’s ambition is to go the extra mile and help France’s military authorities to embrace new disruptive space technologies. Our involvement in the Intelligence Campus is central to this approach.”

Henri de Foucauld, Director of Strategy & Defence

Infrastructure through-life support and operations

Earth-observation and telecommunications satellites are crucial to the conduct of military operations, delivering vital information to support actions and decisions for forces in the field.

Working at France’s military and institutional facilities, on its own or with sister company Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio France is helping to operate French military telecommunications and Earth-observation satellites, and maintaining and managing ground segments for telecommunications, optical and radar imaging missions.


Satellite and mission control

Based at French military and institutional facilities, Telespazio France’s teams are working round the clock to control military satellites and assure the accomplishment of their missions.


Telecommunications services

Telespazio France offers its customers fast and secure telecommunications around the globe. Its teams analyse requirements, implement solutions, deploy facilities and VSAT networks, and administer and operate systems to deliver a professional and responsive service at every stage in the network life cycle. Telespazio France is responsible for providing through-life support of telecommunications systems for the French Navy under the Telecomsat contract.


Maritime and land surveillance

Over the years, Telespazio France has acquired extensive and recognized expertise in analysis of optical and radar satellite imagery.

Its team of engineers and analysts works round the clock to task satellites in response to customers’ requests, interpret received imagery and deliver actionable data within hours of image reception.

This service can also be assured through a Web interface allowing customers to specify their tasking requests and display results in a few clicks. Telespazio France is delivering the service in partnership with Airbus Defence & Space to French Navy commanders operating in France’s overseas ocean territories, helping them to conduct surveillance of its Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ).

For land surveillance, this service is deployed for safety and security purposes, for example to identify a threat to a mining facility, to detect a human presence from interferometric analysis of SAR imagery or simply to flag changes between different dates.

Trimaran 2

Operations and deployment engineering

Software solutions supporting defence

As in all other sectors of activity, digital technologies are strategic to France’s national defence. And in recent years, innovations in geospatial, remote-sensing and reconnaissance technologies have been coming thick and fast.

Telespazio France’s engineers are developing unique and innovative software solutions for defence and intelligence agencies that comprise visualization, simulation and supervision tools. Similar solutions are also being deployed for commercial operators.

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