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Construction & public works

Seen as the third industrial revolution, the Internet has transformed how we work and communicate. All sectors of activity are now using new technologies every day, and the construction industry is no exception.

Telecoms solutions for connected construction sites

The connectivity requirements of construction sites are growing all the time, be it for consulting e-mails, managing logistics, displaying plans or accessing a range of specific tools. However, setting up broadband networks in remote areas within a short space of time can often prove problematic for construction firms.

To resolve these problems, Telespazio France has drawn on all of its expertise to develop bouquets of telecommunications and connectivity services for all sectors, including construction and public works.


Construction site surveillance and security

Whether in an urban area or a quarry, site security promotes the daily well-being of workers and residents alike.

For construction and public works professionals and quarry operators, Telespazio France develops tailored solutions combining satellite radar imagery, telecommunications and aerial surveillance (by aircraft or unmanned aerial systems). These tools are also helping them make the digital transition and adopt modern solutions for the exploitation, archiving and central management of all their data.

Here, Telespazio is pursuing a precise objective : to meet firms’ practical needs in terms of operational site management, surveillance and tracking.

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