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Telespazio France conceiving simulation tools

Telespazio France is one of the few players that develops tools able to simulate in 3D how a satellite and its subsystems will work in orbit. It is also extending its expertise in this domain to offer 3D simulation solutions outside the space sector.

Telespazio France’s expert teams have developed Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT), a unique maintenance and training simulation tool for the NH90 helicopter on behalf of NAHEMA (NATO Helicopter Design and Development, Production and Logistics Management Organization).

This learning tool is used to train ground personnel in charge of maintaining the helicopter. VMT is a real-time simulator that allows them to learn more than 2,000 customer-defined maintenance procedures, on their own or with guidance from an instructor.

This unique solution offers real benefits:

  • Ability to renew training sessions in infinite ways
  • Interaction between instructors and learners
  • Considerable cost savings, with no need to ground a helicopter
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