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07 November 2016


22nd Conference of the Parties in Marrakesh - Telespazio France

At the end of 2015, the Paris Agreement reached at the COP 21 conference endorsed a more proactive policy to continue global efforts toward curbing climate change and mitigating its impacts on nature and populations. From 7 to 18 November 2016, Morocco is pursuing this historic advance with the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) in Marrakesh.

Some 200 nations, many industry stakeholders and representatives from academia are there with one aim: to build on the foundations of the COP 21.

As at the COP 21, Telespazio France is also present at this conference, alongside Thales. Dubbed the ‘conference of action’, the COP 22 is being held in Africa, a continent hard hit by the effects of global warming.

Telespazio France is a precursor in this domain, especially in Africa where it is offering targeted and tailored solutions to environmental challenges. It is presenting the advantages of its services to the many delegations at the conference, from its EarthLab Gabon environmental monitoring centre to its CIRCAET service. EarthLab Gabon specializes in space remote sensing for tracking logging activities, particularly in tropical forests, in partnership with Montpellier-based firm FRM Ingénierie.


The Thales Stand with the presentation of the EarthLab programme - Telespazio France

The COP 22 is the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the utility of local actions supported by environmental monitoring centres working together within the EarthLab Galaxy.

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