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Telespazio France at Human SpaceFlight

04 October 2018

From 19th to 21st September, CNES organised the first international conference on human space flight and science in microgravity. This workshop is dedicated to science and technology related to space exploration, and its aim is to highlight the work carried out by CADMOS (centre for the development of microgravity applications and space operations) at CNES, and its partners, over the past few years. The idea is to collectively share results, outlooks, and knowledge so as to prepare a future alongside the scientific community.

Telespazio France has been a major industrial actor at CADMOS for many years. Our Ground Controllers (GC) coordinate operational resources and cooperate with other partner centres during all conducted operations. What is more, our colleagues in charge of “operations and instruments support”, or OIS, support CADMOS partners in developing experiments that can be carried out in microgravity, then carry out the corresponding operations.

Some of CADMOS’ long-standing partners are space agencies such as ESA, NASA, JAXA, and CSA, and scientific laboratories. A new type of partnership is beginning to see the light of day: the public-private partnership. Therefore, CNES will now respond directly to manufacturers’ needs in carrying out experiments and their related operations.

Claire Pichot, a recent INSA graduate and new hire at Telespazio France after initial experience in post-launch manoeuvres for Galileo, is among the OIS engineers that cooperate with the private sector. Initial discussions are in progress with French companies that are interested in the potential of space activities, and Claire is working with CNES on designing and implementing a more effective managing process for these types of partnerships. This work was the main topic of her presentation during the second day of the conference.

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