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E*message renews its faith in Telespazio France

22 March 2017

A customer of Telespazio France for more than 20 years, e*Message, an operator of alerting, on-call and personnel management radio-messaging solutions, is again turning to Telespazio France for the supply of capacity through the Eutelsat 7B satellite and to provide through-life support for its ground station in Aubervilliers. Telespazio France will also manage technology obsolescence at the station and provide preventive and corrective maintenance and technical support.


Based just outside Paris, e*Message is a leader in alerting, on-call and personnel management solutions and in news distribution to professionals. SOS Médecins, Areva and Disneyland Resort Paris are among the firm’s customers.

Through its longstanding telecoms expertise, Telespazio France is able to guarantee e*Message service reliability and optimal national coverage, including at the Paris-based firm’s 500 high points.

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