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19 January 2017

The ‘Perspectives Spatiales’ (Space Prospects) seminar is a must-attend event on the space calendar that every year brings together more than 200 public and private decision-makers in the space sector from France and all over Europe. The seminar is a forum for debate on the key events and highlights of the previous year, while looking ahead to the coming year.

As a prime player in satellite services, Telespazio France is at this day-long event alongside representatives from key space stakeholders in France and Europe. Telespazio France’s Deputy CEO Corinne Mailles took part in the round table on

« The impact of big data and the information society on satellite services »


Corinne Mailles, Telespazio France Deputy CEO, at the round table on "The impact of big data and the information society on satellite services"- Telespazio France

Corinne Mailles explained how Telespazio France is embracing this new paradigm to leverage big data technologies for a new generation of Earth-observation and navigation services.

« The ever-increasing volume of cheaper satellite data now available is driving this sector’s exponential growth. It’s the ability to translate raw data into actionable information that delivers value, which is why we need highly automated new processes to handle all of this data so that we can offer the market effective value-added services. The advent of flagship European programmes such as Copernicus and Galileo, combined with the potential of information technologies, is opening up new avenues for a leader in satellite services like Telespazio France.” » 

 Corinne Mailles

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