French Gender Equality Index

25 March 2020

Women's equality has been placed at the heart of French Government priorities, by decree no. 2019-15 of January 8, 2019. In this context, French companies with more than 50 employees, required to calculate an “equal pay index”, each year.

Constructed around five indicators calculated from 0 to 100 points, the Index measures different data on professional equality:

  1. The gender pay gap
  2. The gap in promotion rates between women and men
  3. The difference in the rate of individual salary increases between women and men
  4. The percentage of employees, who were granted an increase in the year following their return from maternity leave
  5. The number of women among the ten employees with the highest remuneration.

Companies that do not achieve a result of at least 75 points out of 100 will have three years to achieve a required result. Failure to comply within three years shall expose the company to a penalty obligation.

Below is the rating obtained by Telespazio France over the reference period March 2020 :


This score reflects the strong commitment of Telespazio France to greater equality at all levels of the organization. In all the areas of professional equality covered by the Index, since many years, Telespazio has implemented the necessary means to avoid the possible gender gaps, thus encouraging the development of any employee.