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Anywhere, anytime location-based services

How can local authorities use NICTs to make life easier for citizens while preserving the environment?

In response to this crucial question, Space Alliance partners Telespazio France and Thales Alenia Space have created Mobil’in City, a foundational platform federating location-based services dedicated to urban mobility.

Continuity of location-based services at all times


Mobil’in City is helping to set the standard for smart cities of the future.

Combining the advantages of Galileo and EGNOS with terrestrial technologies and infrastructures, Mobil’in City innovates by:

  • ensuring service continuity through dynamic and uninterrupted monitoring of location flows
  • offering a unique platform of location and geo-referenced data to connect value-added applications and services provided by SMEs

The scope for Mobil'in City applications in the medium term spans safety of people and property, emergency assistance, trip optimization, extended range for electric vehicles (charging) and support for urban maintenance.

Being able to locate emergency callers anywhere in a city, notably in underground car parks and basements, and reducing travel time—and thus pollution—by optimizing public transport are two of the platform’s priorities.

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