Our Technologies & Products

Just like our contribution to the main European technological adventures (Galileo European navigation system and its complement Egnos, the 1st radar constellation for the earth observation Cosmo Skymed, Copernicus’ data platform…) the innovations we initiate or for which we are partners, often set a new way to conceive space and satellites.

But it is not only technological breakthroughs that make progress. To revise the use or the association of available technologies (drones, artificial intelligence…) also makes way for great uses’ progress.


Today’s evolving digital society is increasingly reliant on acquisition, transmission and management of data. With the volume of stored data doubling every two years, it’s estimated that the total storage mass will have reached 44,000 billion billion bytes by 2020. This growing use of data, including those from a range of satellite sources, holds out great prospects for growth in the space sector.
It also offers development opportunities across all sectors of activity.


Whether for optimizing inputs for farming, developing revolutionary mobility solutions or opening up territories, Telespazio France is constantly seeking to innovate, pulling out all the stops to create new and innovative services matched to market needs. We are giving businesses of all sizes in all sectors the chance to adopt new solutions using space applications.

Telespazio France offers businesses the tools, training and support they need, offering an infinite range of possibilities spanning connectivity, security, environmental monitoring and navigation solutions.


With an extra 232,000 people adding to the planet’s population every day, farming production, forest monitoring and water resource management are crucial areas of concern that are consuming 30% of all satellite imagery.

Working in tandem with expert partners, satellites offer tailored, operational solutions to the strategic issues that farmers, winegrowers and foresters face.

Using remote-sensing and digital technologies, the aim is to help shape a new model matching the needs of end-users.



According to a United Nations report released in November 2015, 90% of natural disasters in the last 20 years were triggered by 6,457 severe weather events (flooding, storms, heatwaves, drought, etc.). That’s 14% more than for the 1995-2005 period, and almost double the number from 1985 to 1995.

Industrial hazards are another kind of risk: industrial facilities now need to plan for, mitigate and manage different kinds of disasters such as fires, explosions or pollution.

Telespazio France offers its customers a range of tools and decision-support data to cope with these major risks.


Thanks to its recognized expertise in telecommunications and connectivity, Telespazio France offers key energy stakeholders a dedicated industrial-scale solution that guarantees reliable telecommunications services wherever they are located.

We deploy fast and secure telecommunications solutions anywhere in the world.

From needs analysis to application of solutions, facility deployment to VSAT* networks and system administration to operation, Telespazio France’s teams provide a professional and responsive service at every stage in the life cycle of your network.

* Very small aperture terminals using two-way satellite links


Telespazio France has built a reputation for excellence operating complex satellite systems and maintaining numerous French military infrastructures such as Syracuse, Athena-Fidus, SICRAL 2 and soon Syracuse 4.

Telespazio France provides through-life support for the satellite communications systems on French naval vessels and at land teleports in metropolitan France and overseas territories.

Telespazio France has also developed a dedicated secure geoinformation portal supporting maritime surveillance operations for the French Navy.

As a key player in France’s military Intelligence Campus, Telespazio delivers advanced image processing services and training in the fields of IMINT and GEOINT.

"Telespazio France is today a key defence player. Besides simply supplying services, Telespazio’s ambition is to go the extra mile and help France’s military authorities to embrace new disruptive space technologies.”

Gerard Lapprend, Defense Consultant Telespazio France.


Earth-observation and telecommunications satellites are crucial to the conduct of military operations, delivering vital information to support actions and decisions for forces in the field.

Working at France’s military and institutional facilities, on its own or with sister company Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio France is helping to operate French military telecommunications and Earth-observation satellites, and maintaining and managing ground segments for telecommunications, optical and radar imaging missions.