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HELP 112

In 2015, 230 million emergency calls were made in Europe from mobile phones, 75% of all emergency calls*. Today, locating such calls via cellular networks is obsolete and unreliable, offering an average accuracy of only two kilometres or even 10 kilometres in certain cases. This delays dispatch of emergency responders, increasing the risks for people in need of assistance.

Telespazio France led this project, called HELP 112, with seven European partners: the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), PTOMELUS Consulting Group, Creativity Software and four emergency response centres: BT (United Kingdom), 112 Lithuania, AREU (Italy) and SOS Alarm (Austria). The consortium looked at the advantages of using GNSS satellite positioning systems, notably employing the higher accuracy provided by Galileo services.

Telespazio France and its partners brought together key stakeholders—smartphone manufacturers, operating system suppliers, big telecoms players and emergency responder representatives—to outline and tailor a revolutionary product. Their findings show that multi-constellation GNSS location technologies with back-up from WiFi offer significant advantages for PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points), guaranteeing fast and precise location anywhere and anytime, thus helping to save more lives.

With HELP 112, Telespazio France is confirming its commitment to major structural European projects and value-added services for citizens.

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