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Telespazio France is contributing to Horizon 2020, the European Research and Innovation programme covering 2014-2020. This programme is funding projects geared towards meeting the big economic and social challenges of our age. Its goal is to span the entire innovation spectrum from conception to market insertion, and to stimulate a commercial market in order to fuel creative business projects.

The European Commission has set itself three priorities: Excellent Science through fundamental research, Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges, with a focus on interdisciplinary projects. Telespazio France is closely involved in this cross-cutting programme, working with top players in each European sector to access new markets, new technologies and innovations in forward-looking areas like maritime research, clean energy, smart transport systems, agriculture and of course space.

Having already led several major initiatives under the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes, Telespazio France is closely involved in Horizon 2020, notably through the foundational ELAASTIC project, the first “Location as a Service” platform affording the advantages of the EGNOS and Galileo navigation systems. The result of a European collaboration effort between five world leaders in location-based technologies (Telespazio France, ST-Microelectronics, Thales Alenia Space, Rx Networks and Novero), the ELAASTIC platform offers unique and reliable satellite positioning in all environments, including heavily built-up areas.

This platform will enable development of value-added services calling for uninterrupted and precise positioning, for example for managing street and underground parking, availability of electric vehicle charging points and deliveries to customers where they are rather than to a fixed address.

Other projects are in the submission or negotiation phase with the European Commission and will enable Telespazio France to offer new and innovative services in the years ahead.

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