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The Guiana Space Centre

A 30-year partnership

The Guiana Space Centre (CSG) is the world standard-setter in space launch. Operating 3 launchers—Soyuz, Vega and Ariane 5—and 3 launch pads, the CSG has regularly conducted more than 10 launches annually in recent years.

Telespazio France has been a partner of the CSG and Arianespace for more than 30 years, providing unique technical expertise covering all of the functions required to manage the base since the very first commercial launch of Ariane 1.

Telecommunications, satellite telemetry and tracking are just some of the many tasks that Telespazio France’s teams are accomplishing at Europe’s spaceport and at ground stations around the world. With more than 150 engineers and technicians working in Kourou, Telespazio France is the main supplier of industrial services at the CSG.

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