The GeoInformation Line of Business (LoB) offers a large variety of activities related to the Earth observation market, from the acquisition and processing of satellite data to the development and marketing of added value products and services.

Its range of services includes maritime surveillance and security, surveillance of coasts, agricultural areas and infrastructures, mapping and management of geographic data. For several years, the LoB has developed a concrete expertise in Intelligence working with IMINT and GEOINT experts from a French image intelligence centre of excellence. The Lob is able to provide an operational geo-intelligence service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from its operational centre where image interpretation is optimised by experienced operator-analysts and algorithms experts. All the services enable professionals in the economic sectors as well as state actors to benefit from observation means and monitoring of their influence or interest areas, sized to simply meet their needs, with no need of expertise, and easily integrate into their methods and tools.

In recent years, the GeoInformation LoB has developed a new range of services not only based on spatial data, but combining several data sources (satellite, drone, air, in situ) in response to the issues and needs of end users.

The goal is to meet the needs of commercial and state customers, to design, develop and create geoinformation services including a spatial component.

What are the main projects / clients / partners?

On the commercial market:

  • Geoadventice: weed detection solution for agricultural fields, based on drone observations and artificial intelligence
  • GeoCannabis: twofold security / precision farming solution to increase legal cannabis crops yields, based on autonomous drone observations and artificial intelligence

On the government / institutional market:

  • Marine Nationale / Trimaran: operational support service within the framework of State and Sea Action, for the interpretation and analysis of satellite images and multi-source data.
  • Direction des Affaires Maritimes:
    • Implementation of a satellite monitoring system for maritime fishing areas under French jurisdiction through a web portal and artificial intelligence for boats detection
    • Testing of fishing surveillance drones in maritime fishing areas under French jurisdiction
  • MERCATOR: development and promotion of CMEMS downrange services in water quality and waste detection fields
  • MarineEO (group of European buyers): development of innovative added value services in the downrange category of Earth Observation based on COPERNICUS data in the areas of marine environment, surveillance and security
  • MESA/PUMA: on behalf of the African Union, design, deployment and maintenance of nearly 200 stations able to receive and process weather and environmental data for sustainable development throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Where are the teams based?

The GI teams are based in Toulouse and Bordeaux. The environmental centre is located in Bordeaux, the defence and EMI centres are in Toulouse. The two centres include commercial and production / engineering activities.