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EarthLab Luxembourg

Value-added information

The third environmental monitoring centre of the EarthLab Galaxy, EarthLab Luxembourg develops next-generation solutions for professionals facing a range of environmental, operational and economic risks and their consequences.

Risques industriels et opérationnels


EarthLab Luxembourg’s portfolio of products and services is built around a technology platform combining integration and automatic processing by artificial intelligence of a constellation of data that includes satellite and aerial imagery, economic indicators, proprietary databases and smart sensors.

Who it’s for

Industry, the finance sector and firms exposed to weather risks.

What it’s for

Anticipating and monitoring evolving risks and their economic impacts. Devising data-based predictive models to support proactive decisions and actions.

Environmental risks


For environmental risks, EarthLab Luxembourg offers new solutions combining satellite and aerial imagery with social media and algorithms to better identify vulnerabilities and potential impacts, while affording the ability to estimate damage in real time anywhere in the world.

Who it’s for

Public and private decision-makers, insurance companies, brokers and reinsurers, as well as risk managers at large corporations.

What it’s for

Gain new insights into major risks that reach beyond borders and whose impacts are underestimated.

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