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EarthLab Aquitaine

A new era in environmental management

How can satellite applications help foresters, winegrowers and local authorities to adopt more eco-friendly practices?

Here’s how. With a keen focus on end-users’ needs, Telespazio France conceived EarthLab Aquitaine, the first centre of the EarthLab Galaxy. This environmental monitoring unit situated at the heart of this region with a reputation for excellence offers satellite-based services for viticulture and silviculture professionals. 



Developed in partnership with winegrowers, agronomists, vineyard managers and cellar masters, EarthLab Aquitaine’s products and services are fully operational, based on analysis and processing of data collected by the people working in the vineyards.

•    Environmental diagnostics
•    Management of inputs and phytosanitary products
•    Selective harvesting

Forest monitoring


Forests afford great environmental and economic benefits. They are the planet’s lung and an important carbon sink. This vast expanse supports 440,000 direct and indirect jobs. Helping to keep watch over forests and aiding forestry stakeholders is the core of Telespazio France’s custom service offering.

•    Monitoring forest health
•    Managing stocks

Coastal monitoring


Lying between sea and land, shorelines are a fragile environment under threat from the effects of climate change. Every year, scientists are seeing shorelines reshaped by rising sea levels and erosion, leaving a trail of damage often made worse by winter storms. EarthLab Aquitaine’s products are designed to help mitigate and monitor such risks and their effects.

•    Monitoring shorelines
•    Monitoring sea defences
•    Monitoring water quality

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