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Viticulture is in France’s DNA. In 2016, the total surface area of vineyards was 750,000 hectares, equivalent to more than 1 million rugby pitches*. Winegrowing professionals managing this rich heritage are increasingly turning to digital technologies in response to growing awareness of the economic impacts of global warming combined with pressure from society to assure sustainable stewardship, as is the case for other crops.

Through its EarthLab Aquitaine environmental monitoring centre, Telespazio France and its network of regional partners have developed a suite of innovative solutions designed to more closely track vine growth at field level in order to limit energy consumption and inputs. This strategic operational service geared to winegrowers enables better management of water resources, better protection for vines and ultimately better yields.

How ? By combining cutting-edge technologies like satellite or unmanned aerial system remote sensing and image processing algorithms with field data.

Telespazio France’s experts and partners deliver vineyard diagnostics, help to achieve more effective management of inputs and provide custom mapping support to bring winegrowing professionals tailored solutions that allow them to finely analyse their vineyards and ensure they are better equipped to meet today’s economic and environmental challenges.

*Study by FranceAgriMer

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