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The Telespazio group

A half century of innovation

The Telespazio group has been pushing the technology envelope for more than 50 years. Through its pioneering role in satellite-based services, the group is contributing its know-how to fuel innovations that have revolutionized and are still revolutionizing our lives today.

Facilities and key figures


A joint venture of Leonardo and Thales, Telespazio is a world-leading supplier of satellite-based services. Based in Rome and present in eight countries, it employs some 2,500 people and earned revenues of €632 million in 2015.

What we do : 

Telespazio is organized around three centres of excellence :

At the forefront of technology revolutions

Telespazio draws its inspiration from the key industry players who have revolutionized the history of space for the benefit of citizens everywhere. Our group has built its heritage on ground-breaking advances and leap-ahead technologies:

Telespazio has worked behind the scenes helping to reach all of the major milestones in the history of innovation and technology development in this domain.

The Space Alliance - Synergies serving space


Thales and Leonardo merged their space businesses in 2005 to give birth to the Space Alliance formed by Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space, today the world leader in space infrastructures.

The aim of this alliance is clear: to combine the know-how and resources of two companies to meet growing demand for space solutions from private, institutional, civil and military markets. Through this unique combination, the Space Alliance spans the full value chain of space applications from conception through to operation of infrastructures, as well as the value-added services they deliver.

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