Our Mission and Values

The world needs a simple and accessible space


We are convinced that a simple link between Man and Space is essential to our life on Earth, because Space is a key technological and human enabler to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

We have faith in Humankind and diversity, we believe in technology and skills development. We act on the basis of our founding values of Commitment, Innovation and Partnership.


Thanks to our historical legitimacy, our global expertise and our European dimension, we put the strength of two European Leaders and the agility of our human-sized structure at the service of our mission. 

Our ambition is to democratise the access to the space services of today and tomorrow, through an open logic of "Space On Demand". We bring together the skills and partnerships needed to provide the best solutions, in a market undergoing profound change.


The strategic vision of TPZF for 2030 is to base our development on people in all their diversity. Our ambition: To innovate to become a global meta-operator to the service of peace and environment protection, anticipating transformations in partnership with our clients.

Strong Values

Drawing on a long space heritage working alongside key European players, our company is founded on strong values that underpin everything we do:

  • COMMITMENT, to our customers and to the company, pulling together as a team through a socially responsible approach.
  • INNOVATION AND AGILITY to offer our customers the best solutions through an innovative and entrepreneurial approach.
  • PARTNERSHIP, to boost our services and guarantee genuine value in a spirit of trust and team efficiency. The sum of our expertise ensures our customers’ success.
  • NURTURING OF TALENTS, with a view to supporting individual career development while creating value together by sharing and transmitting know-how.