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As CNES and Arianespace’s historic partner for more than 30 years, Telespazio France is a renowned provider of through-life support (TLS) services for ground stations. Such support is integral to a preventive strategy geared towards assuring optimal availability of the infrastructures and applications that space agencies need.


Aussaguel station

In Aussaguel near Toulouse, an experienced Telespazio France team is in charge of maintaining the SNA Ariane naval station. This transportable station can operate across the world’s oceans, enabling rapid deployment for non-routine northward and north-eastward launches. This critical system has to be watched over at all times and requires preventive and corrective maintenance to ensure its constant availability.

Telespazio France also provides TLS services for France’s most southerly station, on the Kerguelen Islands lying between the Indian Ocean and the Antarctic. This is the first station to receive telemetry from the launcher when orbiting a satellite, so it must be operational round the clock. Telespazio France’s teams work 24/7 to manage system upgrades, anomalies and risks for CNES while overseeing all operating equipment.

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