Our Value Proposition

Strong values and company culture, free circulation of people and ideas in a diverse and inclusive environment, continuous improvement of competencies and skills, structured performance management and talent development processes, tailored listening and engagement initiatives, a well-established welfare system: this is our value proposition.

We believe that only looking after our people’s wellbeing and development we will improve our competitiveness on global markets and grow sustainably as a business.


  • Support to the employees as soon as they arrive in the company: induction period for new employees from day one.
  • Setting of a local referee and participation in an induction day to get to know the company, the Group and the colleagues.
  • The world of a true space innovation stakeholder, capable of providing avant-garde services, accessible worldwide.
  • Being part of the Space Alliance together with two world leaders of the sector, namely Thales and Leonardo.


Drawing on a long space heritage working alongside key European players, our company is founded on strong values that underpin everything we do:

  • COMMITMENT, to our customers and to the company, pulling together as a team through a socially responsible approach.
  • INNOVATION AND AGILITY to offer our customers the best solutions through an innovative and entrepreneurial approach.
  • PARTNERSHIP, to boost our services and guarantee genuine value in a spirit of trust and team efficiency. The sum of our expertise ensures our customers’ success.
  • NURTURING TALENT, with a view to supporting individual career development while creating value together by sharing and transmitting know-how.