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Telespazio France - An operational success working for CNES

Telespazio France is CNES’s historic partner in French Guiana and Toulouse, having worked with the agency on many missions. One of them is the SPOT family of Earth-observing satellites.


SPOT 1 to 5 satellites

From 1986 to the end of 2015, CNES operated the unique series of SPOT 1 to SPOT 5 optical satellites.

On 22 February 1986, the first Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre (SPOT 1) was sent aloft from the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou.

From that date on, more than 300 Telespazio France employees supported the SPOT programme at various levels in the value chain, all over the globe—in Kourou, at launcher and satellite tracking stations in French Guiana and at the Toulouse Space Centre.

SPOT key figures:

  • 67 years in orbit
  • 350,000 orbits of Earth
  • Several million images collected

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